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Empowering our teachers to make
an impact in education.

Find your passion in IPS

Indianapolis Public Schools is making it possible for great teachers to have an even greater impact. We see the promise of every child as the promise of our city. Great cities need great teachers and together we will build Indianapolis. 

Grow with IPS 

Best Fit Schools

IPS has a variety of instructional models. This provides you with the opportunity to find the best fit school for your instructional philosophy. The district has a variety of school options such as STEM, Arts, Montessori, Inquiry Based, Neighborhood School models.

Ability to Impact

IPS believes strongly in the potential of every student regardless of their background or income. We also recognize the unique challenges of working in an urban area and are committed to providing teachers with the supports they need to make a positive, lasting impact on students. 

Opportunity to Grow

We continue to invest in our teacher salary schedule and we are developing additional compensation structures that allow teachers to expand their impact, grow as professionals and remain in the classroom. 

Why Teachers Love IPS

“A teacher doesn't simply teach others. As a teacher, you are never done learning. Whether you are learning from your students, learning from your peers, or keeping up the latest practices in your field, your job is never done.” 

Beth Jackson

 “The best part about my classroom is the community and culture of respect we have.”

Shawnta Barnes

“Seeing students catch on to the concept of Constant of Proportionality, interpreting speed graphs and making connections to science class is so exciting.”

Kimberly Sweet